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In a constantly changing world, there may be a need to dismiss or replace employees – and
here it is important that you make sure that it is done appropriately, both for the sake of
your employees’ future, and also for the sake of your company’s reputation.

When your business needs to dismiss employees, you can use Mozhi Consulting for the

Our hit rate is 72% and we are proud of our results. We are specialists in helping the unemployed in their job seeking process. We are committed and actively participate when candidates seek new jobs. This means that your dismissed employees will have a good experience with both process and results. We have developed our program based on our own experiences and feedback from candidates we have received. We listen to the feedback we receive and we develop our self and our methods constantly.

If it is not possible to offer the dismissed employees a course with us through your company,
we will be available for private consultation.

Contact us for more information and offers about our outplacement programs.
Contact info.: 30353542 or