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Rewards And Recognition​

First woman in Denmark to receive
“Søster-Sind Award”

First foreigner to receive the Engineering Award / Agnes and Betzy Award

Our Story

What Mozhi Consulting Offers

I help highly educated job seekers to make a clear strategy on their job search, so they can focus on finding their dream job, without getting distracted by receiving all the rejection.

I AM YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE COACH – Because I believe that, you can achieve anything in life if you have the confidence to do so. I am an expert at bringing out the confidence in my clients that they once had. I believe that all people have talent – they just have to have the right framework. I create the right framework for the customer to find his/her talent.

I believe that for people to evolve, it requires both a meaningful dialogue and curious responsiveness so that they are able to move themselves. I therefore find that the most important thing is to respect and understand as much as possible of the individual person or the
individual organization / company I cooperate with.

I offer individual job placement, coaching and stress management courses in order to get, among other things, the long-term unemployed and stressed academics into the right jobs.

Since 2015, my journey has been marked by diverse and impactful accomplishments:

👉 Conducted numerous hours of career coaching and personal development sessions, accumulating several thousand hours. Assisted hundreds of individuals in securing jobs aligned with their academic backgrounds. Employed a comprehensive array of effective methods, including introductory meetings, competency clarification, personality assessments, lectures, workshops, team-building exercises, CV and application guidance, LinkedIn optimization, interview training, and extensive mental training.

👉 Facilitated several hundred workshops and lectures on a broad spectrum of topics.

👉 Earned recognition through two prestigious awards: the Søstersind Award (as the first woman in Denmark) and the Agnes & Betzy Award (as the first foreign woman in Denmark). Additionally, honored with nominations for the Diversity Award in 2022 and 2023.

👉 My educational background boasts a degree in software engineering and leadership. Throughout my career, I’ve assumed leadership roles, notably as a department manager in several prominent companies. These positions have demanded a profound understanding of personnel management, talent identification, team building, employee motivation, competency development, and targeted management strategies.

Courses We Offer

1-1 Job Search Consultation

Self Confidence Coach

Stress Management Training

Persoality Development


We will provide invaluable guidance and support to help you achieve your career goals and navigate the challenges of the job market.

Remember that creating an extraordinary life is a process, and it takes time and effort. Stay committed to your vision, stay positive, and enjoy the journey.


Free Training

Attend My Free Webinar

will be announced

5 Days Job Seekers Challenge

Success is 95% mindset and 5% strategy.

Having a positive mindset is key to achieving success and planning how you work with your career development.

We will focus on the following topics:

  • Removing Limiting Beliefs
  • Create an empowerment approach towards your job seeking
  • Create a wining CV, Cover letter and LinkedIn
  • Create a life align with your inner values.

Happy Customer Shares/Testimonials

Sheila Aine Experienced , Service Minded Customer Supervisor | with a Bsc in International studies | Customer Service

Thank you so much 😀 for all your help and for a fantastic course we had together. Through your mentorship, I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and how I could be a better version of myself. With your help, I was able to formulate a better CV that made me more visible on the job market. Today I am really happy with my work and the direction my career is heading towards😀. If you are standing there and need help in your career or mentorship with jobs, contact Mozhgan now and get started on creating your dream career. Thanks. Sincerely Sheila

Jannie Jenniefer Nørgaard KU SCIENCE

In my meeting with Mozhgan, I got exactly the sparring and guidance I needed in my job search process. She already stood out by always meeting me with joy and openness to understand where my challenges were. There were meetings where she practically reviewed the material with me and meetings where I was allowed to relieve the frustrations, the hallmark of my course at Mozhgan was clearly empathy and positivity. I did many different exercises with Mozhgan, who helped to concretize my skills, wishes professionally and personally. After that I was ready for the next step towards my new job. Mozhgan has a broad knowledge of job searching, and plenty of good tools. Her humanity is beyond the ordinary, and it comes from the heart. It made a big difference to me at a time when I had resistance and confusion about my job search process. Today I landed in the best job. I can only recommend Mozhgan as a good mentor with a great passion for helping others get a job.

AVANIKA KOTAK International Business Supporter at CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions

If you’re looking for a coach to guide you through your transformation journey, then Mozhgnan Gerayeli is the one. With her direction, my career trajectory has altered and improved, and my confidence and capability have grown Mozhgan didn’t instruct me, she supported me, and she taught me to evaluate my options and skills, and my response to outside influence. her business savvy is complemented by a deep understanding of human nature. I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their performance.

Abhilasha D. (Abhi) Mishra PhD Chemical engineer | Wastewater | Waste recycle & reuse | Heavy metal contamination

Mozghan is a great coach and even greater human being. She is very well aware of the challenges that expats (or accompanying partners) face. From what I know, she makes you feel positive about yourself, your culture, your experiences and most importantly about your being. On a personal front, she’s a wonderful mother which makes her even more compassionate and compliments the work that she does❤️ More power to you !!!