"Be the creator"

From job seeking to job choosing

A 6-week online course, for you who cannot find the way to a meaningful job. The course gives you the concrete tools and confidence to get the right and your dream job,
WITHOUT compromise your values or your skills.

Are you stuck in your job search? Have you lost your confidence?

Be brave. You are needed.

I would love to get the chance to help you to reach your goal.

If yes? Then you have come to the right place.
Why does this program works?

Having a positive mindset is the key to achieving success and planning how you work for your career development.

You will no longer doubt yourself. You know that you have the right qualifications, the opportunities and the right personality to apply for and get the job of your dreams.

You know exactly what to write in your CV/Application so that you are considered for a job interview.

You learn to master the job search strategy. You create an inner strength and the belief that you will succeed.

After the program, you have created a life in accordance with your inner values. It is you who sets the agenda in your life.

Your benefits after signing up for "Be the creator"

Spot your challenges

With well-tested exercises and tools, you will find and remove the limited thoughts that have held you back from creating a successful life.

Spot your resources

You will find a list of all your resources, which help to give you the best tools tp creat a good CV and application - and which leads to the job interview.


You have a backpack full of accomplishments and experiences. Now it's about creating the life you want by setting yourself a goal, visualizing it and executing it.

You find a job

You will learn to create your winning CV, application and professional LinkedIn. You learn to create networks, seek out for decision makers, and the right people and invite them to informal coffee meetings.

Happy customers say it all...

“If you’re looking for a coach to guide you through your transformation journey, then Mozhgnan Gerayeli is the one.

With her direction, my career trajectory has altered and improved, and my confidence and capability have grown

Mozhgan didn’t instruct me, she supported me, and she taught me to evaluate my options and skills, and my response to outside influence. her business savvy is complemented by a deep understanding of human nature.

I recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their performance.

Avanika Kotak - International Business Supporter

Mozghan is a great coach and even greater human being. She is very well aware of the challenges that expats (or accompanying partners) face.

From what I know, she makes you feel positive about yourself, your culture, your experiences and most importantly about your being.

On a personal front, she’s a wonderful mother which makes her even more compassionate and compliments the work that she does❤️

More power to you !!!

Abhilasha D. (Abhi) Mishra Chemical engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Mozhgan recently and she helped me secure the job I wanted. She will take you through a process that helps you to realise and define your worth as a person and as a professional. Navigating the Danish job market for foreigners is tricky and tough but you can be sure you will have the best support in working with Mozhgan. Thank you! ☺️

Kimberly Bryan PhD Sustainability Engineer

Can you crack the code to find a job made for you?

It is possible with a 6-week course with me, where you will be equipped with the right tools!

Are you ready to invest in your future and career so you can reap the rewards tomorrow?

This course is not just a course in writing applications and making a nice CV, although, you learn to master it. It is just as much a course in finding or rediscovering the excitement of applying for the jobs you really dream of getting.

You get all the time-tested tools and step-by-step guides needed so that you,

like 600 others before you, land your dream job.

I will teach you all you need to know to land the dream job!

Remove what is limiting you

Find your resources and your skills

Look back at your accomplishments, and your victories, and understand what it gives you to remember them

I will teach you all you need to know to land the dream job!

Create a winning CV and application and create a strong LinkedIn

Networking and unsolicited applications

Imagine how amazing it would be when you find the job you've always dreamed of, a job that makes you happy.

A job where you can feel that you are using your qualifications and a job where you are making a difference.

I call myself the change alchemist.

The journey starts here.....


"I help people to find their path to success in life"

Career and mental coach

My name is Mozhgan Gerayeli.

I was born and raised in Iran. Came to Denmark as a 21-year-old. I studied engineering in Denmark. I had to send over 100 applications before I landed my first job as a software engineer back in 1996.

Today, I have over 27 years of experience in Denmark from positions as SW engineer and department manager within corporate. To this day, my passion is helping career travelers move forward in life.

In addition to engineering and management training, I have an NLP master, ICC coach from the USA and a mindfulness instructor.

I want to be your personal confidence coach, because I believe that you will achieve anything in life if you have confidence in it. I am an expert at bringing out self-confidence in my clients – and that is exactly what I, among other things, do. teach you during the 6 weeks.

In 2019, I won 2 awards:

The numbers don't lie

Sometimes I can't believe it myself, but already +1000 happy students have attended my courses/lectures and more than 600 have found their dream job.

Do you want to be one of them too?


Found jobs in their subject


Happy students


Years of experience working with people

Anyone Can Join

Be the Creator

Self study

5.550 kr.

6 weeks of online material

6 modules in the form of video teaching and homework

You receive various tasks that give you the tools you need to become a job chooser

You enter a community where you create networks with others who want to be the creator in their lives.

Will be supported via newsletter and motivational e-mail.

The Creator

25.000 kr.

All from "Be the Creator"

Weekly live Q&A for 12 months with me

Receiving support and help from start to finish according to your needs.

12 months, all the support you need by e-mail

6 x 1:1 coaching within 12 months

Part of the mastermind group

More Bonuses

DO NOT just take my word for it…

Meeting Mozhgan is one of the best things that has happened in my life. As my mentor and career coach she always help me in having a clear vision for my life and career and working towards it.

I moved to a new country (Denmark) 3 years ago to follow my dreams and after meeting Mozhgan I was no longer alone in that path. She walked beside me through all ups and downs and gave me her support far beyond words can describe.

She is so passionate about her job and so excellent at what she does.

Mozhgan is a precious gem. 💎

Zara Hassanzadeh Hosseini Portfolio Marketing Manager

Mozhgan is the best career coach I have ever had the opportunity to work with. Not only does she focus on the professional challenges you are facing and how to overcome them, she also helps you reset your emotional wellbeing, so that you are mentally & emotionally strong enough to go out and find the job of your dreams!

Reitumetse Esther Bereng Product support and customer communication

I feel so lucky to meet Mozhgan several months before. Being a determined supportive mentor, she helped me to make narrow my willing and focus on what was matter at that time span. The way she helped me to find my way in new society was through giving beneficial feedback to know myself, getting an understanding of my drawbacks, the way of improving them and more than that empowering me to focus on my achievements and keep them always in my mind to fulfill my “I can” spirit. Moreover, the friendly environment of her consulting office along with energetic staff and other motivated clients had made a perfect atmosphere to follow our goals. I really appreciate and wish her the best.

Mehri Noorali Business Development Manager

This is NOT for you if…

It IS for you if...

You would like to continue your current approach to your job search

You are happy with where you are

You are aware that you have all the resources you need to create work that is in line with your values.

If you've had enough of rejection upon rejection.

You want to be the captain of your own ship, and are ready to go All-In, to see results, get to job interviews and ultimately land your dream job.

You are not satisfied with your current situation and would like to see the results of your hard work.

Here is what you will master on this course


Remove old limitted beliefs


Finding your resources




The creator of your future Your way Your future


A winner CV/Application / LinkedIn


Unsolicited Interview training Networking

Press play and meet your future self-confidence coach and hear how I can help you in a job.

I want to be your personal confidence coach

Because I believe that you will achieve anything in life if you have confidence in it.

I am an expert in bringing out self-confidence in my clients.

I believe that all people have talent – they just need the right framework.

I create the right framework in which you can find or rediscover your talent.

6 Modules - 6 weeks

To transform your life into an extraordinary life – AND land the dream job/interview

Modul 1: Remove your limiting beliefs

Modul 2: You find your strengths and your achievements

Modul 3: Transformation

Modul 4: You design the desired future for you

Modul 5: You create a winning CV, Application and LinkedIn

Modul 6: You get invited to interviews and get coffee meetings

Once you have completed this course, will you be able to…

Get rid of your limiting beliefs.

Finding your resources and creating a life that is in harmony with your inner values.

Find the job that is in harmony with your inner values.

Get in touch with those who can help you find the job.

Create a job that is made for you

Bonus 1

Master Classess

VALUE: 12.000 KR.
Once a month, there will be teaching by an expert in self-development or employment

Bonus 2


VALUE: 5.000 KR.
Together with other jobseekers invited to an all-day workshop

I love when my clients share their results...

Mozhgan is a great coach who help me a lot to improve my business skills to find career and being successful on that, I can admit she has a great share on all the success I have had in Denmark and United States.

Navid Molavi
Software Engineer at Microsoft

Mozhi Consulting’s sevices was the great help for me when I came to Denmark as a job seeker on September 2015. Mozhi helped me to get familiar to danish work culture and became ready to join the danish company. thanks for Mozhgan, after 4 months, I found a job related to my expertises in Danish company. Mozhgan herself is a kind and caring woman who help me beyond the terms in the contract. I am happy to find her and make contract with her.

Mehrnoosh Zonoozi International Brand Manager

I joined with Mozhi consulting on February 2016 and Mozhgan is my coach and mentor from then. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude. Her support, help, her approach, it is simply awesome. I am very thankful to her for all the support she gave me during this time. She really have powerful mind and personality that brings her in Limelight everywhere. She is really dedicated, trust worthy and responsible for all the activities she do. The way she motivated me during this period is the only reason for my success in Denmark, she really helped me during the tough time by giving coaching & mindfulness. I always remember Mozhgan’s words ” Remember all your achievements in Life” , I am adding one more in the list, ” You are one of the greatest achievement in My Life”. Thank you so much and I wish you all the Best !

Sreejith CK Electronics Engineer

Choose Mozhgan Gerayeli Change Alchemist and Career Kickstarter. THEN THE JOURNEY BEGINS! GOOD TRIP.

It is my vision, to give my clients the best opportunities to live a good life that is in line with their values.

Let me move you closer to your dream.

I would like to help you reach your goals your dream job

I love to make a difference