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Job seeker

“Anden Aktør” for job seekers

Now you may think that there are already so many other private companies that offer themselves
as a partner to the Job Center / Labor Market Center – and yes, of course, it is also the case with
us. So instead of telling you how good we are at actually producing results, we will focus on
informing you about how and why we are a different Other Actor that your municipality should
seriously consider cooperating with.

Due in particular to our own backgrounds, our own experience and the fact that we have been
working on reverse job placement for a very difficult group to place them in Danish companies,
immigrant without significant knowledge of Danish culture, the written and unwritten rules in
Danish job market and the importance of presenting themselves, their personality and their skills
in an appropriate manner towards Danish employers.

One of our unique strengths is that we are actively working to make our jobseekers available for
a specific job within their field.

At Mozhi Consulting, we use a holistic view (a complete picture of the job seekers) to create a
perfect match between business and jobseekers – and it gives very good results in regular
occupations, so try to help your jobseekers into a job! To prove our values, we are always ready
to take a test assignment for your Job Center!

Contact me to have an informal meeting with us and hear more about the possibility that Mozhi
Consulting operates as your career coach instead of the Jobcenter.
Contact info.: 30353542 or