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The typical story

At Mozhi Consulting we often meet new customers who have tried to find and get the right
job over and over again – without luck!

Our new customers, before meeting us, have typically already sent many applications and
may even have been to 10-15 interviews.

There is nothing wrong with trying for yourself – but permit us to say that it’s a really bad
investment to go unemployed for several months. It costs money every single month and it
harms you. It is actually much better to invest in professional help, to accelarate the process
to find the right job.

An average wage earner in Denmark “loses” about 10,000 DKK (gross) every single month
when unemployed – and many “lose” much more … the higher the education you have – the
more you lose each month when unemployed . In fact, you’re losing a big amount even if
you are currently newly educated (or maybe have a job that does not match your

The wise decision is therefore to get in the right job as soon as possible – and it is easier said
than done. Therefore, you must receive all the help you can get.

Mozhi Consulting is really good at getting our customers find the right job – and we can also
help you!