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Why me as your career coach?

This can be answered briefly and easily: You should choose Mozhi Consulting as your carrier
advisor, if you are seriously interested in getting the right job!

Are you new in Denmark? Do you need to get an understanding of how things works in
Denmark, and how you can find your dream job? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our
success rate is 75%

Read what our members say about our job and career coaching program.


The slightly longer answer is that we actually work differently. Firstly, we work “actively” and
according to a plan that is made with you. We guide you to aim for your goals – and while
we support you and open the doors for you, you must be the one who leads the process.

Secondly, we consider you and your situation with a holistic view. It may sound abstract, but
in reality it’s really down to earth: Should you find the right job and should we help you, we
start with who you are and what opportunities and skills you have. Based on this, we work
and help you to work actively towards your goals.

We support – but you’re the leader and you’re going to be the leader of the whole process.

We can offer you different courses or Job Packages, so there is always a solution that suits
your situation – and you decide which solution you want to make use of.

The best investment you ever make is the investment of time and effort in getting the right